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Six Studio Classes- Mondays 4-7pm

Six Studio Classes-Mondays 4-7pm

Six classes starting February 24 through April 6th (with the exception of March 16th)

$270 plus tax (292.61)

933 Baca Street, Santa Fe New Mexico

Build your confidence and move onto the next level with your paintings in this studio painting class with Anita Louise West. By working with Ms. West, a lifetime of painting experience is available to you to help you advance your paintings on three major levels: Content, design and techniques. Each class will have a short demo and individual help at the easel. We will explore how to paint in pastel, water media and oil as well as materials old and new.

During each class, you will learn how to maximize your use of the elements of art: shape, value, line, texture, and color. Each of these will be explained as well as demonstrated at every class session. Using the principles of design to increase your painting’s impact will be explained and so much more. 

Bring your materials (paints, brushes, palette, surface and photos or sketches to work from) easels are supplied. This class is open to students working in all media and all levels are welcome.